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How to prevent problems in using copy paper?
The use of copy paper is involved in many fields, whether in the office of the enterprise or in the printing room of the campus, copy paper is widely used. I believe many people have some problems in the use of copy paper. If there are errors in the use of copy paper, it may affect the office efficiency. Therefore, a very important link in the use of copy paper is that no mistakes can be made in the operation process, because a small error may have a great impact.

1、 The use of copy paper is the key. Pay special attention when loading copy paper into the copier. Many people think that it is a very simple thing to put copy paper, but it is not. For example, if A4 size copy paper is randomly placed, it is easy to get stuck in the process of copying without paying attention to whether it is placed correctly. Therefore, when loading the copy paper, you must be careful. You can first take out the copy paper and shake it in your hand. You can also rub it properly to prevent the paper from sticking to each other and the phenomenon of copying two pieces of paper at once.

2、 If there is a paper jam in the process of copying, you can turn off the copier, and then turn over the copy paper. Copy paper is too wet, too high water content will also lead to paper jam. Now, people need to do is put the paper in a dry place, or in the sun to achieve dehumidification effect. Paper jam may also be caused by paper scraps, so before loading copy paper, be sure to shake off paper scraps to prevent paper jam.

3、 The correct use of copy paper can avoid paper jam. And the storage of copy paper is also very important, if the storage is not good, make copy paper damp, it may cause paper jam. Therefore, the copy paper must do a good job of moisture-proof work, put the copy paper in a ventilated, or relatively dry place for storage. Easy to use copy paper in the future.

The use of copy paper is very important for the company's office, so we must use copy paper well to avoid paper jam or copy paper damp phenomenon, which will affect the use of copy paper. Today's Mall supplies RI Tong copy paper automatically produced from pure wood pulp base paper. RI Tong copy paper base paper adopts 100% all wood pulp and automatic hob cutting production line to ensure 500 sheets / package. The paper is smooth, the copy is clear, and the document is not easy to be yellow, wrinkled and corroded after long-term storage. Today's Mall distribution center to provide all enterprises and institutions with copy paper products all implement quality assurance, the same quality products cost-effective, affordable.
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