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Pulp soars, copy paper prices remain high
The price of copy paper has been high all the time. From February this year, we said that the price of A4 paper has increased to April now, many paper companies have been informed of the price increase. Our offline sales colleagues understand that many customers are complaining about how the price has increased so much. On average, the price of a package of A4 paper has increased by about 1.5 yuan, and the price of a box of commonly used 5 packages has increased by more than 7 yuan. On April 6, the National Bureau of statistics released the monitoring results on the market prices of 50 important means of production in 9 categories in the circulation field. Compared with mid March in 2021, the prices of 24 kinds of products increased, 25 kinds of products decreased and one kind of products remained unchanged.

Copy paper wholesale learned from relevant data that in terms of corrugated paper, compared with the price of 3406.7 yuan / ton in late March 2020, the price increased by 773.9 yuan, or 22.72% year on year.

Recently, due to the rising price of pulp, the price of A4 copy paper is also generally rising. Asia Pacific, UPM, app and so on have issued price increase notices one after another. Among them, the price of low-grade paper has increased by 800 yuan / ton. The customers who need to stock have grasped it. The paper market fluctuates, and many brands are short of base paper, which is in short supply in the market. Wanshilong paper has sufficient stock and wholesale of copy paper. App has complete specifications, such as golden flagship copy paper, small steel gun copy paper, Jianbing, Fuzhi, etc.. Customers with complete specifications, such as 5 packs and 8 packs, should pay close attention to it.
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