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What's the difference between 70g and 80g copy
Generally speaking, the relationship between the number of grams of copy paper and the thickness is not great, but is related to the density. The so-called number of grams is calculated in square mete...
How to prevent problems in using copy paper?
The use of copy paper is involved in many fields, whether in the office of the enterprise or in the printing room of the campus, copy paper is widely used. I believe many people have some problems in ...
Are copy paper and print paper still confused?
Printer is an indispensable equipment in daily office, and printing paper copy paper is the necessary consumables of printing copier. Generally speaking, the boundaries between print paper and photoco...
Pulp soars, copy paper prices remain high
The price of copy paper has been high all the time. From February this year, we said that the price of A4 paper has increased to April now, many paper companies have been informed of the price increas...
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